Why Hire a Divorce Strategist and a Lawyer?

Family Lawyers frequently find that their clients need professional guidance that extends beyond their legal realm. This is where a Divorce Strategist can become a critical member of your professional team. Divorce Strategists usually work alongside lawyers to help clients sift through what's important to them in a divorce. Without someone to remain steady, unbiased, and logical throughout the process, many clients find themselves making some grave mistakes. The lawyer will be the client's legal guide through the court process of the dissolution of marriage.

Additionally, most lawyers charge $400-$800 per hour for any work they do on the client's behalf ranging from emails, phone calls, acquiring documents, and mediation/court appearances. Clients need to make the best use of their time while dealing with their lawyers.

Divorce Strategist's help clients be efficient and move beyond their story to focus on the business of divorce. I will be your sounding board, advocate, and thinking partner. Through internal guided work, meaningful discussion, and exercises, you will be encouraged to establish your goals and develop a strategic plan to move forward.

I will guide you to overcome obstacles and to manage your decisions with clarity, so you are in a position to communicate more effectively. These actions will make the time spent with your lawyer more productive and will save you money.

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