What are the benefits of working with a Divorce Strategist?

Getting divorced can be a time consuming and challenging process that can overwhelm your resources resulting in a negative impact on your family, career and friends. It is often a difficult time wrought with fear, stress, and uncertainty. Many people overlook the effect of emotion on the divorce process and the importance of having the necessary professional support.

Studies show that when individuals are in turmoil and get caught up in an emotional roller coaster, they cannot access their logic and problem-solving abilities in the same way that they would on a calm, typical day. Overwhelm leads to costly emotional and financial mistakes in divorce, which have long-term consequences for all parties involved.

Together, divorce strategist's work alongside the other members of your professional team to provide you with the best possible outcomes regarding your separation or divorce.

What are the benefits of working with a Divorce Strategist?

1. create a nonjudgmental partnership without a bias that will lead to an expensive and time-consuming court process:

  • work with an unbiased advocate and experienced strategist who is your voice of reason and fosters resiliency through your self-discovery to define the best path forward.

  • acquire a professional to help manage the divorce process and support you through challenging events.

  • gain a sounding board and thinking partner.

  • avoid burdening your family and friends by having someone on your side, brainstorm ideas in a private and confidential environment.

2. focus on the end goal, ignoring and not on the day to day noise:

  • Strategist by nature focuses on a forward, goal-oriented, step-by-step process for you.

  • Strategist guides you through the process and organises your thoughts and documents needed for lawyers and accountants.

  • help you clarify what is essential in divorce and help you understand and avoid the common pitfalls.

  • encourage you to define and redefine your personal goals and devise a strategy to fulfil your desires post-divorce.

  • attend professional meetings with you to assist in moving things along productively and healthily.

3. provide objective emotional support:

  • prepare you mentally for the rollercoaster of emotions that you will experience.

  • help you develop a sense of control during a challenging time when you might feel that your life is falling apart.

  • Create a safe, calm, and grounding place for you during a difficult time by providing a confidential and unbiased environment to seek refuge.

  • help you develop a plan on telling your children, family and close friends about the upcoming family changes.

4. Provide guided communication skills to avoid misguided communication damaging your case in court.

  • learn to make and express more informed and less emotional decisions.

  • help you to become a more effective communicator that will strengthen your position in your divorce process. One misguided statement can be detrimental to your outcome.

  • assist in lowering the cost of legal fees because you will learn how to move beyond the story so you can be more prepared for the business of divorce.

  • prepare you to turn the emotional side of your divorce into the business of divorce. It is a time when many experience a gap between where they are and where they want to be.

  • help you to work through the fears and obstacles to develop a strategic roadmap for your divorce. Help organise for the process, and learn skills necessary to negotiate and effectively communicate your needs, wants, and desires without being hijacked by your emotions. The goal is to help you show up as your best self, navigate efficiently through the divorce process, gain insight, and create a life vision for yourself based on specific intensions.

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