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Michael is a Divorce Strategist who provides strategic guidance and support for men and women as they navigate the rocky path of separation and take back control of their lives. He established his company, Divorce Sherpa after working with many lawyers over the years. He discovered that family lawyers' business objectives were not client outcome-based but rather fee-based. Many stated there is no family law strategy and instigated conflict by beginning legal proceedings immediately to add fuel to the fire being conflict. Having gone through a high-conflict and complicated separation, Michael understands first-hand how valuable it is to develop a trusted relationship with a divorce strategist who can help define a strategy. He can show individuals clarity instead of confusion and work successfully to establish a clear path ahead.
In the Himalayas, Sherpas help climbers get to the top of Mt. Everest by showing them the path to take and providing the tools and extra hands they need to succeed. Michael wants to assist individuals in taking the right direction that gives them a positive separation experience. Ultimately, he hopes to ensure you are prepared for likely the most challenging experience of your life, which is all in the preparation.
If you are considering separation or divorce, it's more than likely, so is your partner. Preparation is the key to success. Unfortunately many are blindsided by the common strategy of being put on notice to appear in court within days—the clear disadvantage being limited time to prepare. Get the best guidance right from the start of separation, because how separation starts often affects how it continues and then ends.
Preparing will provide you with knowledge of how to proceed best which does not always lead to separation or divorce. It allows time to gain clarity and explore options that are not generally available once proceedings begin. 
If you choose to act, the first steps are as follows:
Step 1) Watch your e-trail
Please don't write anything you wouldn't want your spouse or a judge to see. Consider getting a new and private email account for all communication related to your separation or divorce. Delete the web history if you view this website from a shared device and contact us from a friend or family member's phone. 
Step 2) Act normal
The more time available to prepare, the greater the chance of a positive outcome. Suddenly locking your phone, making phone calls outside, or gathering documents may lead to your partner being suspicious of your activities. It may lead to them engaging a lawyer who will generally start legal proceedings as soon as possible. It will limit preparation time and increase the likelihood of a long-winded and expensive conflict between lawyers. 
There are many more steps to complete; let's ensure the journey starts on the right foot.

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